Eight don’t talk to the novice webmaster novice friends to share

, I am the webmaster of personal website (http://s.www.kenkenboy.com). I wrote an article last time. "The real process of the station owner from the zero station" was paid attention by the webmaster. Everyone for my site, a lot of ideas, very helpful to me, thank you all here.

after two months of construction, the site has begun to have some improvement. The search engine has a large proportion of survival included and every day increased; while the GOOGLE RANK has not yet been updated, but the SOGOU RANK value by 8 has rapidly increased to 36, the GOOGLE RANK value in the next update, that will certainly enhance. In the past two months, I have made a lot of mistakes in website construction, and I have made some mistakes. Fortunately, there are friends who do stand and many users pointing, avoid many unnecessary detours. Free taste not only drink fruit, not only happy card. Today, with the vast number of new personal web site owners talk about their experiences and lessons, lists the new site in the process of making all kinds of mistakes, summed up as "eight do not".

1. don’t change the location of the website.

regardless of novice, veteran, most bogey website theme wavering. A lot of valuable time is wasted on the choice of site positioning. As we all know, good heat has many competitors and poor competitors, but it is difficult to popularize. Do stand to choose a suitable hot theme is the best, not the main theme, the key is to find suitable for their customers, which is your website’s service object, clear the service object, can be targeted to start station.

2. don’t collect articles without modifying

on the station, is to collect or original, online talking about a pile. Personal experience: the original model is a collection of articles, to be sure, will not be included in search engines; and completely original, too difficult; therefore it is best to use a compromise, selected collection articles, and slightly revised, the focus is the title, the first paragraph and late, also is the pseudo original. In fact, when you do so, you will find that a good pseudo original article, although not original, time-consuming, but it also takes a lot of time. My station a day about four or five pseudo original, but can guarantee search engine all included. Specific how to do, you can browse my www.kenkenboy.com pseudo original article.

3. don’t trust the amount of IP purchased,

by the temptation, but I bought five days (1000IP/2.9 yuan / day) IP amount, the original intention is to let more people know the survival network, concern about the survival network. But the reality is that the selling amount of IP businesses, many are using cross point IP click on the alliance to IP the amount of sales, is not declared on the link to the station.

4. stop IP mutual

seems to be hidden

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