Volt cow church founder Entrepreneurial age label

had 70, 80, now 90, and the future of the next 00, always like to be labeled, for entrepreneurship only struggle and hard work, no label.

and sing is the relative lack of funds, barberry hall in May last year and December has received A round, A+ two rounds of financing, the total financing of about 30 million yuan, but the two rounds of investment did not see figure   IDG . But a day always titanium media revealed that the end of the A+ round of financing, Li Feng founded the forright capital have the intention to join, but because of the amount of financing has been finalized, and the financing is also relatively fast speed, so failed to cooperate.

rely on community traffic bring economic benefits, but also can be thought of as a direction of barberry church profit model, according to the barberry church using WeChat own public number, has released nearly 300 thousand online text, 2015 held a number of conferences, including the two round of financing, insiders comment barberry the hall is now online community model is in a step by step to follow the logic of thinking.



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