How to join kesongfang

bakery merchants have a good franchise brand is the small series project next to recommend kesongfang. How to join kesongfang? See Xiaobian to do a detailed description of you:


kesongfang cake

1, there is a certain intention to join the customer, can be the first to join the headquarters matters and details of consultation, accept kesongfang cake qualification;

2, want to further understand the specific billing, intention providers can conduct face-to-face exchanges with kesongfang cake company, understand kesongfang related products, corporate culture and brand details;

3, the intention to join, can be based specifically agreed by both sides agreed!, signed the agreement to join, the establishment of cooperation relationship kesongfang cake;

4, which is to determine the contract after joining, to prepare after business! Headquarters to join the training kesongfang cake related product knowledge and management mode;

5, determined the pattern and methods of operation, in the decoration of the store also need to spend effort! Plan and decorate the cake shop kesongfang and operation places, equipped with

operating goods;

6, shop before advertising is also very important, kesongfang cake company collaboration to develop business promotion plan and advertising plan, ready to start


7, everything is ready, will be officially opened operations, the company will provide kesongfang tracking guidance.

cake class delicacy, more people in daily life, will also have a very good prospect of advantage in the market! Kesongfang cake quality improvement, strong business strength, perfect management team, allow the franchisee to save a lot of trouble, actually you can also easily


kesongfang join conditions:

has a good understanding of

on kesongfang

identity kesongfang kesongfang brand culture, identity management model

college degree or above

has more than 3 years of operating experience

has a good personal reputation

has independent investment risk and civil liability

has a certain economic capacity, generally require 50-160 million


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