Do not copy paste from the computer to do Wangzhuan forum webmaster

I am an ordinary girl, grew up in the countryside, because parents work outside, so when I was 2 years old in foster home. When I was in kindergarten, I was raised in my grandmother’s home, and I went to primary school when I was graduating, because my grandmother was in bad health. Just began to feel very comfortable, because no one cares for me, free, can watch TV at night to 12 points, no one will urge me to go to bed that class tomorrow, I can go home after school in the school and the students play for a while, the heart do not have to worry about being scolded for coming home late…. Oh! Grew up, sensible, now sometimes recall previous lives, on the one hand, feel very lucky, because I created a small independent now independent character; on the other hand to feel wronged, because parents get intimate warmth too little. Even more regrettable is that the computer based on zero.

you see this article, do not laugh at me a ha, this is actually quite normal for growth in rural primary school children, I had only a few computer classes, but the school organization to the town primary school to go to class, it is a completely stupid, those keys the computer keyboard are not afraid of bad press, computer, so there is what have learned.

then again contact the computer when college entrance examination is graduated from high school, and students went to the cafe they taught me to surf the Internet, the first QQ number is they help me to apply, felt very excited, I have QQ number….. Ha ha! Don’t know that you and I have the same feeling?

After graduating from high school in

, grades down, only on the higher vocational line (I was a candidate in Chongqing: was 420 points), hey. I was still thinking to review, a chance to let me see the Beida Jade Bird, several times in the consulting support of the father going to school, eventually holding to become the future of software engineers expect into prize.the school. I believe I can do it.

The first computer class in the school

let me unforgettable, that day on the content is to do a self introduction of the PPT, I was stupid, I do not know what is PPT what tools do, how to do it? At that time even copy and paste are not, I see all my classmates in careful to do their own, I feel, want to cry, why do I have myself a little computer based? My heart was a very strong sense of inferiority, in such a situation I when the teacher does not pay attention to escape from the classroom, the bus went straight back to Chongqing temporary home, second days to get the tuition return. But then it was a new study, but why? It’s a beautiful accident….. In a word, then I went back to the Beida Jade Bird started the development of learning software, with the help of the teachers, their own efforts, and finally gain a lot of learning, a year and a half, that one and a half years really hard, every day I called back pain, eye pain….. I am very grateful to Mr. Lu, thanks to my father, for the help

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