Ling’an model loans to encourage people to increase entrepreneurial model Entrepreneurship

is not everyone can start a successful business, excellent entrepreneurial talent can get higher achievements, which is no doubt. In order to encourage more entrepreneurial talent to join the development of entrepreneurship, Ling’an model loans for model workers to provide financial support.

once a year the warm spring breeze. In Ling’an city model worker Zhou Qihua is located in the town of tea planting base, a piece of green tea has not yet sprouted, tea farmers have begun to busy up.

with the financial support, entrepreneurial spirit inspired model. Ling’an City, Ling’an city model worker Chen Meifang in his "old model" with the help of Chen Yuansheng, created in the home town of grain cooperatives Sun, pollution-free rice production, the annual production of 3389 kilograms, rice harvest down years ago sold almost. Hangzhou city model worker Wang Anguo has also led Taihu to the source of the town over seventy years of age, people rely on bamboo industry to build up the family fortunes. Currently, he and several old comrades to take the lead in the establishment of the source of bamboo garden ecological civilization education base in Taihu, the cumulative increase of about 42000000 yuan for farmers.

in the model under the leadership of many local people’s incomes have grown. Zhou Qihua’s base gathered nearly 1/6 villagers in the village. Preliminary estimates, the current annual income of more than 4000 yuan per mu tea garden. "My tea this year, about 40 thousand yuan of income. No one took us before, the basic tea can not be sold, the land can only be wasted." 50 year old village recommended

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