What are the secrets of the retail store to do double section

time has arrived in November, this year has basically ended, and after a period of time is new year’s day, after the new year’s day, the biggest festival of the year, the Spring Festival will be walking step by step, the arrival of the world. As the saying goes: There is no time to lose., Time will never come again. Holiday is the golden period of consumption, but also the key to making money. In the "double" is approaching, in order to improve the cigarette sales, cigarette retail counterparts have their own business "know-how" will show their marketing skills, will seize the opportunity to sell more goods, make more money, to lay a good foundation for the coming year business.

this year, due to the macroeconomic pressures increase, the performance of tobacco control, upward influence of tax valence and other unfavorable factors, the cigarette market is relatively weak, lasted for a long time, the retail business pressure, depression, and some even offered to apply for business. The author believes that, in the case of the current market weakness, as a cigarette retail households, boost the spirit is particularly important. Only to establish the courage to win, in order to ensure that the shop gathered popularity, business vitality.

one to establish an image to attract people. To some extent, the festival is the mood. Good mood can not do without a good environment. "Double" comes, indicates that the end of the year, the new year will start. In this beautiful season of the new year, who do not want to live in a new environment, a new image of the individual. The shop is also so, during the festive season, as the cigarette retailers, not just to make money, to spare the time, destroying shops "filthy" point to see the smoke cabinet varieties, complete specifications, display, cigarette price tag is scientific and beautiful, attract the attention of customers. If there are problems, it is necessary to timely rectification in place. At the same time, we should also pay attention to personal image, so that the face must be net, the content will be the whole, the word will go to the customer to make a good impression, do not talk about health, loose and sloppy.

two to smile warm service. A smile is not affectation, put a smile, but the heart, be friendly and polite, close to nature. Since this year, due to the downturn in the operation of cigarettes, many shopkeepers have pressure, emotional instability, selling enthusiasm is not high, and therefore the lack of customers smile and sincerity, affecting the customer shopping mood. Therefore, suggested that shopkeepers in the double period, not only to boost the spirit, the courage to maintain the customer sincere smile, let the customer feel like into the store into the home, there is a warm sense of intimacy, if the customer face frost, cold light, indifferent, will allow the "God" of the disappointed. Want to buy some cigarettes, it is subject to the mood, buy less to buy, even from the shop and go to visit again.

three to the characteristics of the service people". During the holiday season, many customers into the store, long business hours. Some shopkeepers inadvertently on the characteristics of the service, a direct impact on sales promotion, can not achieve the goal of season sales. Thus, during the holiday season, as the owner must find ways to get ideas, quality service to do good, so that customers happily into the shop, rest assured that the satisfaction of the. For example, WeChat

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