[secret] fruit marketing package to sell 100% to earn a monthly income of 30 thousand

Hefei guy Liu Tao do a more common business – selling fruit, but he sold the pattern – regardless of the catty, according to the package to sell, the results of a monthly profit of 30 thousand.

creative: from Baidu

the way the sale should be a pioneering work of Liu Tao, he and some of the current "fresh cut" service enterprise is different, he is not for business, but for the individual. Is there a market for individuals?

A, now the price of fruit is not low, in Hefei, 50 yuan just to buy seasonal fruit is gone. In addition, the sale of pounds, they have no advantage. If you sell by the package, not only allows customers to eat a certain amount of fruit to eat more, the cost is also down, the higher cost.

two, fast-food service has been popular. Liu Tao, for example, in Hefei college students is the only child at home, parents have to take care of, to the university do not know how to peel fruit, and they provide this kind of fast food service, just to meet the needs of these people. At present, each university student is Liu Tao’s main customer group. At the same time a lot of white-collar workers are also Liu Tao’s customers, because they are usually busy at work, peel the fruit is not convenient, convenient and easy to eat fruit packages.

three, from a nutritional perspective, per person per day to eat a variety of fruits in order to meet the body needs, but because of the price, time and other factors, many people can only eat a fruit, and packages on sale can meet their demand of eating a variety of fruits.

: profit higher than the traditional model of

although unwilling to disclose the specific package of gross profit, but Liu Tao is straightforward, indeed much higher than the traditional model of profit. Traditional sales model, the gross profit margin of only 10%-20%. But their innovation models will increase the number is not a tiny bit. Because:

A, the traditional model of the fruit loss rate is higher, about 3%, while the package under the mode of loss rate is only 0.5%, profits increased. After all, a fruit can not sell a little bad, but if the package, cut off the bad part, the good part can still be used.


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