With Jin spine road of entrepreneurship

has become the object of success, many people in the eyes of worship; some people work, many people’s eyes became the object of contempt.

I’m a loser in my business, which was full of Jin spine poineering road, the two venture ended in failure. Now I tell you my story, I hope you can receive the goods.

After I graduated from the University of

, and normal white collar, sitting in the office for a few months, not only feel very boring, but more disgusting is our department manager that always have nothing to take me out to dinner, this is probably the so-called unspoken rule. I lost my faith in work and decided to resign.

After the resignation of

, I wondered whether I was down and continue to find a job or sell your own boss, and finally discuss the home, with the support of his family, I finally decided to open a noodle shop. Soon, my little shop opened, the business can, not flourishing, but I also satisfied. In the noodle shop opened after half a year, next to a variety of snack shops have opened, the business gradually also looked down to the end of each month, earn enough money to pay the rent of hydropower. I had to close the restaurant, so my first venture failed.

second times a month in the restaurant business is closed, lazy at home I can not go out to work at home, opened a Taobao shop, run supply, for decorating the shop, I busy awfully, but more than 2 months, basically do not have much, mom. Comfort me, the beginning is always so, don’t be discouraged, so many online stores, you opened a new, must be of concern, like a long time. My mother’s words is that I insist on down the momentum, up to now has more than 2 years, the monthly net income is also on it, and work is almost the same, but every day on the Internet bubble in the. Some time ago, mom and Dad together to talk with me, in fact, content and you are almost. With the passage of time, I had 26 years old, has been called 3S lady, mom and dad want me to mean the shop closed, go out and look for a job, know the outside, then I am ready to give a date what, ready to give me away.

closed shop I will not do, but I have to listen to the views of the family, in the seller to say goodbye to the group, a lot of people told me that you can sell the store. And I was in Baidu search, a lot of online trading platform, I listen to them, my shop hung on these platforms to sell, a company called A5 online trading platform (www.tao.admin5.com) in 4 hours after I released it for me to sell the shop, then I agreed that the transaction, the crown of the clothing store to sell 18 thousand RMB, this thing with mom and dad about the report, they also feel surprised, but said with a smile, I find the company for a period of time, will have a dowry. Well, no matter what the reason, this venture and I ended up in failure, but the money may be sold to the shop to create a God

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