What are the capabilities needed for online Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship in the current has become the era of countless people, especially the rapid development of the network, so many people have entered into the tide of network entrepreneurship. After all, the real economy is in recession, it was said that the Internet has been a monopoly monopoly, entrepreneurial opportunities are less and less. I think the opportunity to build a platform is really very little, but with the increasing number of Internet users, the continuous improvement of the major platforms, entrepreneurial opportunities to make money on the platform is indeed increasing. Every investor who is interested in starting a network should master or learn the following 6 basic skills:

basic text

text ability should be the most basic ability of each network entrepreneur. Although the picture, video, sound can be spread on the Internet, but the text is the only media that can be settled down and can be recognized by the machine. Write product introduction, personal profiles, share ideas, can express their ideas clearly in writing is the most basic skills.

image retouching

a picture of thousands of words, good pictures can save you a lot of text description. The size of the image, contrast, brightness, simple filter processing and watermark is the basic skills of network entrepreneurs. The recommended mobile phone and computer are easy to use Meitu Xiu Xiu.

skilled search capability

search who will, but the network entrepreneurs to accurately and quickly find what they need to master some of the advanced search instructions. Such as double quotes ("") is the search and query matching pages; minus (-) is close behind the search results exclude minus site: returns; all pages under a domain name. More advanced search engines can be used to find Baidu.


network entrepreneurs to grasp the flow, the flow of marketing needs to get. Several major positions in the current marketing is Baidu (search, paste it, know, Wikipedia, etc.), Tencent (WeChat, QQ, penguin, etc.), other professional websites, forums and App. Each platform has a different gameplay, according to their own products and services to sell the crowd and the characteristics of the research platform rules to identify the most effective marketing.

ability to find opportunities

Internet day change, yesterday today may have been out of date. Each network entrepreneurs should come out and learn to find a variety of opportunities. Through the forum, business website, WeChat public number, QQ group can meet fellow, can find their own operating project.

continuous learning ability

network entrepreneurship is to make a difference in information or poor skills. No smoking >

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