nterviewed 2000 entrepreneurs or so anxious to catch up

in 2017, less than a month, I saw an article called the annual masterpiece articles, from a business media "reporter witnessed: interviews with 2000 entrepreneurs of these 11 types of entrepreneurs EQ people worry".

The reason why

is called the annual masterpiece is because I expect that within a year, I will not see such a magical content from the media. Of all, we must look at key points.

the media interviews with more than 2000 entrepreneurs, suffered numerous "wonderful", unbearable, jumped up shouting: this must teach you how to accept an interview with


however, the level of this teaching, I really can not compliment. For example, the opening of the first question on the scared out of my chin.

problem one: the founder of the interview, the time of the event is not clear memory.

the reporter said the teacher, and sometimes have to rely on other reports, even the founder of their own circle of friends, in order to trace the time point of an event, such as when the company set up.

This is not the way I work

ban on journalists have great doubt: this journalist, do you think, as long as the founder decisively confirmed the clear time, the time is right, the

allow all doubt?Why don’t you go to see a few more

sources, why not ask the other team core members, specific to the company set up this kind of thing, helplessly facing the error of up to one year, why don’t you check on the business system? In the medical trouble relations, you can only interview the families of patients; in law conflicts, if only you listen to her


even the most basic principles of the interview are forgotten, but also mean to blame the founder forgot the time node interview is your job, remember the time node is the founder of the job?

this "too much to the founder of the" phenomenon, this article abound. The reporter one teacher accused the founder of "not to say feeling", while it does not allow the "low" founder of excitement; he said "power" story "is the priority among priorities", while they think entrepreneurs in the "future" is a "dull".

Excuse me, is it possible that the "storytelling" in our venture capital circle should not include the future?. As for the people to feel, and objectively view the self, if Confucius accepts the interview, will probably throw in a sentence: "I and Xian, in what is not?" the reporter Comrade not directly say: "the trouble you say something you feel good, I feel good, feel good readers what?" hey, horse horse running, horse horse without grazing.

if I really badly, what can’t blow yourself? If you think interview in the reporter can boast, smile, listen to and record, and then write a sarcastic article, for the world. Press and hold the interview

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