Nanning city business market experts to help you get together pulse of entrepreneurial wealth

in the provinces and cities to actively promote employment, should focus on the quantity, in the city of Nanning to help more entrepreneurs to better achieve the dream of innovation and entrepreneurship at the same time, but also brings experts to help entrepreneurs in the". I believe that with the help of experts, innovation and entrepreneurship will do better.

market together

provide a business platform for

"sometimes if I know some activities to attend, I also is not only to make money selling things, in which is also a kind of propaganda." She said she was not only online to sell, also opened a shop on the Internet, but also to teach students, so come to participate in the market can also attract more people to join the study of this technology. But talking about making money, she said the site sales are good.

Field Manual seller Hu Chunyan also often participate in some business market, she told reporters that the organizers for manual entrepreneurs to create a no pressure on the business platform, because there is no pressure on the rental. "There are a lot of people here, a lot of people are craftsmen, we make friends with each other, maybe I will become their customers, they will become our customers." She said so.


find their own product features

after is for you to customer groups according to the analysis, it is recommended.

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