Dessert stores three marketing skills

now with the people for the pursuit of quality of life is more and more high, dessert more and more consumers, the pursuit, this is a good development now the dessert market, dessert franchise has now become a very hot investment market, attracted the attention of entrepreneurs, but now business dessert stores competition, in fact, dessert franchise business is marketing skills, Xiao Bian today to share some dessert franchise business in the process of marketing skills, I hope to give you to help entrepreneurs.

dessert stores three marketing skills (1) advertising

if the entrepreneur’s dessert join store opened in the area surrounding the high-grade, so in the upscale district residents in the vicinity of the shopping place to the parking lot, car delivery exquisite single page advertisement (DM) and a small gift, a single page can also be made in the form of coupon, attract these residents to dessert stores consumption.

dessert stores three marketing skills (2) event marketing

if the owner of the dessert store opened in the vicinity of colleges and universities, then you can open some student party, reading activities. Several important links of university organization open his own dessert stores in the region where the students will hold some party, Sharon, reading activities, thus, on the one hand to enhance their dessert stores taste, on the other hand can attract students and young people come to the consumer.

dessert stores three marketing skills (3) service marketing

membership card system. Print the name of the member. Membership card discount rate is not high, such as 5% off, 10 percent off, etc.. As a result, on the one hand, it can give consumers a sense of respect, on the other hand, but also facilitate the attendant for the consumer’s address. In particular, if consumers and others together, and the dessert to join the store and the public can call him (her) as Mr. *, miss, they will feel very respected.

personalized service. In the dessert store on the table to put some promotional items, the content is about dessert knowledge, stories, etc., on the one hand can enhance the taste, foil atmosphere, but also can increase the consumer’s brand goodwill.

Through the above

for three dessert introduce franchise marketing skills, that is good to help many investors, open stores shop business dessert to be successful, is required to master certain skills. Hope that we can successfully set up shop, business booming.

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