Entrepreneurs to find a partner is the salvation of the whole team

[editor’s note] author Yin Ming, rare earth community CEO. Concerned about its public number: superficial illusion.

we heard a long time ago, the founders have three things to do, and then according to their own characteristics of the ability to do other things. Money, direction, recruitment, then I’m going to talk about recruitment.

Nuggets 2.3 – 2.4 version also made last week, I and Xinlin in the discussion found that the entire product of the next important version of the current development resources to look at the long, long time for the 3. One more thing I want to share the company here, a lot of energy; and the company to develop, attract more talented person in itself is a a pressing matter of the moment. Is a senior said: "I do Internet Co, there are several Kaner alive, doing it: recruit than their outstanding people, having experience than their own people."

a lot of friends came to me for help, saying that I would like to ask for a recommendation, I am generally very difficult. Only you and I know you know, doing, understand your ability, dare to help you to propagandize the simple, reliable and best friend, I will try to help. But now, in the market background, the money is not money, programmers, designers and other technical personnel because not normal market and the relationship between this special supply and demand prices soared, then no concern about the quality of technology, because the technology itself does not respect the recruiter.

to give an example: the following call this tall CEO is Jack

Jack: say to recruit a Web front end (one of today’s hottest jobs)

me: what skills do you need?

Jack:H5, JS, adaptation of the mobile terminal page development

me: is that the main business code to write your products and back-end cooperation?

Jack: this depends on the progress of our products, but also the development of a number of WeChat forwarding pages, such as

me: Oh, how about your product?

Jack: this I and you recommend people to talk directly like, help me pull a group on it, thank you. Yes, sent you a iPhone


you receive a red envelope from


I can responsibly say, so I never have to help recruiters.

| An army marches on its stomach.

keibun long ago and I said a word, for Internet Co in terms of money in addition, talent reserve is more like food.

"An army marches on its stomach." truth we all know, but there are many difficulties for young entrepreneurs in terms of. First, no money; two, no one available; three, no appeal. It reminds me of the three in the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao

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