Sichuan how to fill the logistics market supply short board

look at the current trend, in the course of economic development, the electricity supplier has become the main force of the community, to improve the development of logistics, it is imperative. In response to such an environment, how to fill the logistics market in Sichuan short board? The following and small series of specific understanding.

to improve the province’s logistics express industry overall development and service level, 11 provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial postal administration and other departments have jointly issued the "implementation plan" to strengthen the construction of logistics short board to promote effective investment and consumption of residents in Sichuan Province, from the completion of rural logistics short board, complete the agricultural products (000061, stock it) specific measures are put forward for logistics short board, short board filled the city distribution logistics market supply, padded short board in four aspects.

"plan" clearly, to 2020, fostering the growth of main business income of more than 500 million yuan of the 30 logistics enterprises, the introduction of international and domestic well-known large-scale logistics enterprises in more than 100 countries, 5A class logistics enterprises reached more than 5.

"program" proposed to strengthen the construction of rural terminal distribution facilities, improve the rural logistics network system. Integrated use of existing postal, supply and marketing, circulation, food, salt, transportation and other departments of logistics resources, and promote the county warehousing and distribution, rural logistics delivery of public transport points.

Preparation of

of Sichuan province "," 13th Five-Year "agricultural products cold chain logistics development planning", in support of pre cooling, processing, storage, distribution, traceability and other functions in one of the places of origin of agricultural products distribution center construction.

compilation of "Sichuan province urban and rural distribution network construction planning", encourage transportation, postal, trade, supply and marketing, sales and other publications to carry out cooperation, integration of existing logistics resources and service network, improve the ability of joint distribution.

The production base of

rely on City chain supermarkets, wholesale markets, trade enterprises and rural cooperatives, special agricultural products, carry out the "agriculture super docking", "Aggie butt", the optimization of logistics organization mode, reduce the circulation, to solve the "last mile" problem of agricultural products "into the city", "industrial products to the countryside" the integration of logistics services.

logistics market supply padded short board, focus on key industries and key areas of water transport, rail transport, container transport, warehousing services, joint distribution, inter city distribution, international freight forwarding, logistics, cultivating 50 driving ability, growth potential, brand impact of modern logistics enterprises, take the initiative to attract the famous logistics enterprises at home and abroad to set up regional headquarters and operations center, distribution center and transit center in sichuan.

in the process of economic development, the discovery of the problem, to solve the problem in a timely manner, is also very critical! Sichuan for the supply of logistics market short board is not only conducive to improving the development of the logistics industry, but also conducive to continuous recommendation

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