Sports entrepreneurs do not make 8 mistakes partner dispute PR greater than entrepreneurship

Abstract: Recently, many gyms and stadiums have been booked for the death of many people. Because the O2O model has been proved to be unworkable, many of the core resources are not in their own hands, to rely on the third party to go down very passive.


are said to make a lot of money in the winter of the sports business to die, in fact, the fact that there is a gap, and now most of the dead sports startups, basically nothing to do with the money, but the other.

this is only a small factor, more of a partner’s argument, their understanding of the business is not clear enough. In my opinion, there are 8 main reasons:

1 capital winter is false, the dispute is the key partner

this has become a kind of tone, as long as the start-up companies will encounter problems, says that this is the winter capital cause, or pattern. But in fact, many sports startups encounter problems or deaths mostly because of a partner. The reason is very simple, the team does not have a unified concept of value, in particular, there is no core partner all in state, with the development of the company, internal management will be out of control. After the performance is out of control, many partners began for the sake of their own interests, leaving a lot of leeway. In this case, once the company encountered difficulties, they must first think of escape or escape, or out of people.

recently encountered a start-up company is like this, CEO himself has been left behind for his own, the current period of time when the company encountered problems, he ran faster than anyone else. This is really a tragedy, because such a business should not have been from the beginning, even if CEO himself is the case, it can be imagined that the death of such a company is only a matter of time.

"founder’s dilemma" author Noam · has studied; Wasserman, company management most sports start-up companies by partner — look at the moment, the data will be more than 65%, even more than 70%. If you are a careful person, you should be able to observe the problem of the majority of start-up companies first appeared here.

2 was intimidated by the winter capital "lies", do not want to play back

the day before yesterday night, an entrepreneur micro letter to me, too tired, in angels do not want to play.

I’m talking to him about the pressure and the direction of the future. The mood is not high, pressure. This can be understood, in his writing lines have revealed the fear of the winter capital. In fact need not, in my opinion, the winter capital is a "lie", because the project has never said that the winter capital, this statement is only for those entrepreneurs is not reliable.

and, thanks to the capital of winter, because the only way to eliminate some of the Lee Ji Gong anxious investors and entrepreneurs, capital in the spring, they blind investment and entrepreneurship. "

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