Master clothing shopping guide sales skills earning million yuan is not a dream

would like to open a clothing store, capital and supply problems can be solved, but after the operation of the shop only rely on your own skills. Today, the whole network Xiaobian to talk to everyone as a clothing shopping guide should pay attention to what the sales skills, keep in mind these sales skills, can let you shop business better, more popular business.

1 smile. A smile can convey sincere, charming smile is a long hard out.

2 in praise of customers. A word of praise may retain a customer, may contribute to a sale, may also change the customer’s bad mood.

3 pay attention to etiquette. Etiquette is the respect for the customer, the customer choose those who can make them like shopping guide.

4 pay attention to the image. Members of the professional image in front of customers, not only can improve the working atmosphere, but also to obtain customer trust. The so-called professional image is to guide the purchase of clothing, attitude, mental state, personal health and other appearance, can give customers a good feeling.

5 to listen to the customer. One of the common problems with inexperienced shoppers is that they often talk to customers about the product until the customer gets bored.

A, close to the


two, introduction of close to

see customers interested in something when to introduce products.

three, close to


to "praise" approach to the customer’s appearance, temperament of praise, close to the customer.

you today’s spirit.


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