Recalling the 2015 Dalian entrepreneurial achievements to win a lot of highlights

review in 2015, China has achieved good results in the first year of entrepreneurship. Under the guidance of the central government, the government at all levels in the work of entrepreneurship into the focus of government work, the results are obvious.

to support the introduction of the largest personnel policy, build innovation and entrepreneurship heights, held the first Dalian International Innovation Summit, the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship training camp located in the north, and the emergence of 369, Datang Dalian E port, No. 8, new youth entrepreneurship coffee and a number of business incubator platform…… On 2015, Dalian entrepreneurial innovation highlights are frequent.

2015, a new round of Dalian talent policy innovation. Including 5 policy documents, namely "Dalian city to support high-level talents for innovation and entrepreneurship," Several Provisions "Dalian strengthen the construction of highly skilled personnel", "Regulations of Dalian city to strengthen business incubator platform to further promote the construction of entrepreneurial talents in the entrepreneurial way", even "Dalian City Housing", the introduction of talent to solve "Dalian talent service management approach", a series of measures to increase personnel through policy support, recruit overseas talent, promote Dalian into the fast lane, the highly innovative entrepreneurial mass.

in the stimulus and under the guidance of Dalian innovation and entrepreneurial passion surging. According to statistics, Dalian city in 2015 to achieve entrepreneurial employment 35 thousand people, workers want to venture, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial venture into the initial formation of the industry. In order to promote workers will start, held three entrepreneurial "thousand person plan" training organization, two urban employment system, the person in charge of university employment and entrepreneurship for people, the private entrepreneurs in Hangzhou for 4 days of training, the top domestic venture enterprises, business incubator for on-the-spot investigation.

to promote the entrepreneurial, Dalian people club Bureau and the Dalian branch of China Construction Bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement and the agreement to support entrepreneurship fund loan business, start Dalian city business support fund loan business. Founded in Dalian entrepreneurship Association, the city’s focus on the development of entrepreneurship and innovation to promote the development of groups, enterprises, outstanding entrepreneurs and experts and scholars to develop cooperation. The construction of Dalian innovative think-tank, set up a business incubator platform library, business mentor database, professional services database, entrepreneurial venture investment institutions and investors database of 10 sub databases, relying on the "Dalian business" WeChat network platform to push information resources.

during the summer in Davos, North entrepreneurial training camp in hosting the "spirit of innovation and China future" as the theme of the China entrepreneurs summit. Dalian and Tsinghua University alumni entrepreneurs Houde circle, Tsinghua University Alumni Association of Dalian signed a contract to jointly build a center for innovation and entrepreneurship in Northeast asia.

Dalian around the fishery, cultural creativity, trade, catering, electricity providers and other industries, to support the establishment of 21 industry positioning prominent and distinctive service incubation platform, business incubator of new coffee. Strengthen the docking with Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chongqing and other well-known business service providers, Datang Telecom recommend

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