Star VC Quan Ren the industry has done an actor and the transformation of investors let me get a new

1, venture restaurant

When I was at

University, I studied acting at Shanghai Theater Academy. At that time the play is very difficult to test, the more than 5 thousand applicants eventually recruit only 20 people, 10 men and 10 women, sex ratio is very strict.

I was admitted after the family is very happy, because they think the actors is a let attention and to let everyone through TV communication with their occupation, they think I can realize my dream, but also for the family glory, organic will rise head and shoulders above others.

University in 1997 is about to graduate, I am very confused and anxious, because I do not know what the future is. I used to think that to be a professional actor in the future will be able to become a star, but when the real contact with the industry later found it difficult to become a star, the actor is just a career. So I always tell myself in my mind, the stars are far away from me, I should do it in your own life, the actor’s work.


a month before graduation, my attitude is not good, feel after graduation in the city of Shanghai, no house, no anything, only one account, so I think I should do something you can control. But I learned to be a professional, not a thing, so I wanted to open a restaurant, because I can judge it taste good, and can control their own.

so, I told my family that I borrow 50 thousand dollars, I would like to open a small restaurant. When I told the family that this decision, they think I’m worthless, think the university took so much drama, there are a lot of people gave me a lot of hope, why not to open a small restaurant.

at that time, my family told me: if you lend money to success even if it is not on their own ability, so you want their own way. In this way, they encouraged me to start my own business, so I kept searching for my own way.

but I couldn’t help it, so I borrowed thirty thousand dollars from my college classmate Li Bingbing and another classmate. Originally, I want them to stake, but they think the investment risk is too large, or borrow it. Because the investment may fail, but by the way, as long as you are sure to return one day.

so after graduation, I rode a bicycle, spent three months on the Shanghai times Xujiahui and Jingan Temple finally selected a high streets and back lanes, no business atmosphere of the small villa, the house is relatively cheap.

at that time, I am looking for a layer of small villa belonging to a school, I said to him to rent a restaurant here. The first time I see him, he said to me: "you don’t do the young people, because you have no restaurant experience, and we have done a lot of business in the shop all the things do not make money, you still don’t listen to my rent, otherwise you lose what to do."

second times to find him, he still can’t say;

third times to find him, he let the doorman told me not to come >

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