How to be a successful entrepreneur

now want to start a lot of friends, so I have always believed that there are certain skills in order to be successful. When I was a sophomore at University of Washington, I had the idea and plan to open a restaurant called "Green , Bean". At first, I kept a secret to my family and friends, because I was afraid that they would say I was crazy and wanted to do business so young.

1. cautious. Like my parents, I was shocked when I told them that they were having a restaurant where I was eating.

2. stable investment. My first advice for young entrepreneurs who plan to start a business is to choose projects that don’t require a lot of start-up capital, because it’s too difficult to get an investment, especially from a bank. Unlike VCs and angel investors, they need good personal credit and financial history. However, it is not so easy to create a project that does not require much start-up capital.

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