How much does it cost to invest in Quanjude roast duck restaurant

said that China’s first delicious Quanjude roast duck in Beijing, has been an important position in the hearts of the people occupy. Quanjude shares of the company since its establishment, adhering to the prime minister Zhou Enlai of Quanjude " full and intact, together, Rende first " incisive interpretation, carry forward the " to think about, do nothing, entrepreneurial innovation and first-class " the spirit of enterprise, to carry out the system, mechanism, management, and marketing science and technology, enterprise culture and spiritual civilization construction of seven innovation activities, establish the full play of the Quanjude brand development strategy, scale, modernization and chain operation of the road. For more than ten years, we have created a brand image with a unique diet culture, and actively explore the market at home and abroad, to speed up the pace of chain operation. Now has more than 70 Quanjude brand members of the enterprise, the annual sales of more than 500 tons of roast duck, received a guest of about 5000000 people, the brand value of nearly $11 billion catering group.

at the same time to achieve good economic benefits, Quanjude shares of other companies have achieved excellent results. Has been the central civilization office, the National Federation of trade unions, the national quality inspection administration, China Commercial Federation awarded the national civilized demonstration industry " " " the national labor award, " " national quality management advanced enterprise, " " international catering " " international quality award platinum award and Diamond Award, " ", " international quality award, delicacy; " national commercial quality management award, " " Chinese ten cultural brand, " " China top ten enterprises catering & quot; ", " group China most competitive; and " ten the influence of enterprise " other honors and awards.

so do you know how much it costs to invest in a Quanjude roast duck restaurant?

Quanjude roast duck join fee

1 affiliate Gold:

Prior to the signing of the

contract, a one-time payment of 300 thousand yuan to join the gold;

2 margin:

Prior to the signing of the

contract, a one-time payment of 100 thousand yuan deposit, such as breach of contract, after the end of the return;

3 franchise fee:

according to the proportion of concession business turnover of 3%, monthly payment;

4 special computer roast duck oven:

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