Set up a stall selling vegetables earned 50 universal what trick

earned $500 thousand, this is how a huge number, for many migrant workers, however, now people created such a profit by selling vegetables. Some people may have doubts, although vegetables can make money, but to earn so much money, it is unlikely. But the hero of this article is to achieve such a goal. Below, let Xiaobian take you to meet 500 thousand years to make stall selling vegetables in the end what trick?

Uncle Wang

is 72 years old this year, Hunan farmers in Zhuzhou by the end of 2013, he was in Shenzhen District food market disc son living under a stall selling vegetables, 1 years to earn about 500000.

king uncle in the end what trick?

the first trick: subdivision needs people to buy food, for the early processing of

Uncle Wang found that people can buy food in Shenzhen can be divided into two categories. A kind of like fresh good food; a kind of diagram is easy, difficult to deal with vegetables generally do not buy. Uncle Wang prepared two types of dishes to meet the needs of the above two categories of people.

first class dishes: sell good food. Every dish dealer dish to his stall, Uncle Wang and nanny to pick vegetables, the vegetables have beautifully, then wrap this dish is very popular white-collar customers.

second kinds of dishes: convenient cooking dishes. Uncle Wang and the nanny peeled potatoes, cowpea into a section of the pumpkin cut into a small piece of a small piece, equal to sell semi-finished dishes. Your price is around 30%, but by the time the workers and the elderly are not flexible hands and feet like.

second trick: to small restaurants near the area to send semi-finished dishes

Uncle Wang semi-finished dishes, welcomed by customers, but also caused a lot of small restaurants near the owner’s interest. Although the price is a little expensive, but it can be a little save expenses. So many dishes, Uncle Wang picked up, there is a group of people who have nothing to do, the king of the old man to break the fragmentation of human resources to fully integrate dishes, while ensuring quality.

The third measure:

to the customer to do delicacy consultant

Wang uncle worked as a unit canteen chef, he gave full play to the culinary expertise, to the customer when the food staff. For example, how vegetable dish and meat collocation etc.. Uncle Wang also went to the color printing shop next to the Shenzhen District, the cooking techniques of each kind of vegetables into a small card, to provide interested customers.

fourth trick: engage in back prizes

Wang uncle asked people to carve a big seal, printed on the national standard for customers to recommend

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