Jielun’s daughter portrait exposure fans attention

saying that sewing wedding spirit of cool, for king Jay Chou, since recently can be said to have is happy, since last year, Mrs. king Kunling married in July this year and rose to become a father, with his lovely daughter.

Jielun daughter portrait exposure, mouth doodle appearance Jielun cool. The evening of July 27th, Jay Chou in the social networking site drying out a baby sketch photo, the hat reads "CHOU  CHOU (Zhou Zhou)", the portrait of the daughter of the exposure of her daughter, looks cute. In the painting, the cheeks of Zhou Zhou are very swollen, and the left hand holds the left hand of the chin.

Jielun daughter portrait exposure

Jay Chou upgrade when Dad, he and Kunling this month, 4 have been married over 1 years, can be described as a sharpshooter. Taiwan media said Kunling a caesarean section, a crowd of curious "small week" gender was finally determined, the results of Jay Chou and Kunling first crystallization of love is a girl, a nice surprise.

Jielun daughter portrait exposure, Jay Chou and Kunling in July 5th last year after the first registration of marriage, to the British held wedding, envy of everyone that came, shortly after the wedding, Kunling pregnant news, in April the couple officially announced the good news, but did not say what the fetus revealed, at the beginning of last month, Kunling also eat steak with lemon juice, sugar cane, vowed to put the baby to "raise greatly", considerable efforts in child support, father Jay Chou said at the event, give the "week" to buy a gold colored baby car, and worked as a nurse Kunling mother said, daughter pregnant belly sharp, so all that "small week" should be a boy, according to media reports, Kunling yesterday (July 12th) has a caesarean section under the child, but not speculation but a healthy baby boy, girl.

however, Kunling broker then changed not No. 12, also claimed that Kunling is now in the center of the month, and said that Jay Chou and Kunling will at the appropriate time to announce. However, according to relatives and friends, said Jay Chou, Kun Ling is in 10 caesarean section female. The baby is a family cancer girl.

the daughter of Jay Chou was born is the earnest attention of many Jay Chou fans, everyone wants to see a small week for the first time in the face of Mount Lu is, at the same time, for such a small baby is very fond of you instinctively.


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