See Xu Ping personal experience interpretation of entrepreneurship is a road of no return

once set foot on the journey of entrepreneurship, means no return, was born in a peasant family in Xu Ping give up employment opportunities after school, decided to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, and experienced all kinds of twists and turns, eventually achieve personal success.

Out of the "student backbone"

During the

to save advertising costs for free passers-by shoe


"in my early days, because I have no money to advertise, only experiential marketing." So, in order to save money, Xu Ping start early in the day holding shoe tool shuttle in Shenyang Wu’ai street, street, street and other crowded places led several sales, free shoes, leather bags, care to help passers clean computer.

with effort, Xu Ping trading company operating on the right track, but after half a year partner good times don’t last long, change the pattern of the original team, increase spending. And Xu Ping believes that the company should do, the start-up period of austerity, the results of the two part company each going his own way because of disagreement. Partner left, secretly took almost all of the company’s products, the company suddenly chaos. Forced, Xu Ping’s trading company had outage.

Two business  

; choice of education industry

"although I am learning is not good, but education is always my dream." Although the initial venture will fail, but this did not extinguish Xu Ping entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

2011, Xu Ping aimed at college students employment recommendation

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