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is now a lot of physical store owners in the business, although it will take a lot of strategies, but also pay more attention to the shop". So, what is the "speculation shop"? Fry shop is through a variety of market activities for their store popularity, improve the people flow shop. Why fry shop? One of the reasons is that a large number of electricity providers to divert a lot of consumers.

with the continuous development of Internet technology, people’s lives have become increasingly inseparable from the internet. And now many consumers, especially young consumers, more and more used to choose their favorite products online, and then buy online. Online shopping has many advantages, such as fast, cheap, convenient and so on, so that more and more consumers are willing to buy their favorite products online. This brings a great impact on the operation of the store.

Zhang, a university student is very representative. Before she entered the University, she was a Shopaholic and liked to go shopping or shopping malls. Since entering the University, because they need to attend classes at school, the most important thing is that her school is too far away from the city’s shopping district.

is very helpless, she only online to buy what they want. However, after a few online shopping, she found something from the Internet to buy cheap. Let Zhang students feel happy, every online shopping goods can be sent to her school, which greatly reduces the time and energy to go to her business district.

faced with the electricity supplier’s ability to shunt customers, many store owners are miserable. This also allows them to choose the way to fry shop and electricity providers who compete for customers. Many stores have seized the shortcomings of the electricity supplier to carry out the shortcomings of the activities of the fry shop. Many stores, especially digital, fitness equipment, such as the pursuit of experiential stores, you can carry out a number of large-scale experience activities and electricity providers to compete for customers.

, for example, a digital camera store experience activities, consumers can take their favorite camera to take a few photos to experience, and this is impossible to experience online. This is a very direct way to experience the transaction.

at the same time, other fry shop activities can also compete for some consumers. At the door of the store to put some gifts, or hold some more interesting activities, can attract people in the past. After all, those gifts and racket store online than those pictures to attract more consumers in the past.

there are some customers because of online banking payment, registration account and other operations are too complicated and not willing to use the online shopping to buy goods, these consumers are also the object to attract the fried shop.

to sum up, if you run a store

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