How to join the Oriental hawker steak restaurant

Oriental hawker steak restaurant is China Western-style food franchise brand well-known China Western-style food alliance project, because the price is relatively high, to meet the current consumer demand, all let many investors see the market prospect of


joined the Oriental hawker steak restaurant which joined the project support, and how to join the Oriental hawker steak restaurant? I look at Xiaobian to do the following.

join support

a, brand image support

1, store image: provide a full set of Oriental hawker steak brand image, has a number of registered trademarks;

2, an image consultant: Oriental hawker steak have the brand image of senior consultant and design, ensure the brand image of the international development.

3, store design: to provide professional design and store image planning, and assist in the preparation and franchise stores;

4, management mode: to provide a complete set of management system, the standard international brand image management;

5, advertising: to provide first-hand market information and forecasts, brand image advertising support;

two, personnel training support

has many years of management experience in the catering industry, have complete training system and standard training manual for students training system by specialized training personnel with years of restaurant management experience.

for the students to be a combination of theory and practice of training mode and training place is located in the company opened direct store, so that students can learn better encountered in the actual operation, so that students in the dining room in the actual operation problems, can quickly meet tough solutions, ensure management with efficient restaurant operators.


headquarters offers intensive training courses, training contents include the basic knowledge of opening and operating Oriental hawker steaks, including staffing, equipment maintenance, personnel management, marketing, customer and employee relations, food procurement, financial management and business application Steakhouse special skill program, business secret, technical data and other comprehensive system.

The training system of

Oriental hawker steak is divided into three parts: the general staff training, management training, training manager.

three, store location, decoration design support

1, to assist franchisees for on-the-spot investigation to find the site investigation of buildings, District, consumer groups and other conditions, to evaluate the possibility of the shop.

2, the feasibility study report will be issued, including the surrounding environment analysis, traffic measurement >

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