These three kinds of money spent more money to earn more

[the first money: investing in yourself, self growth. [


the money must be spent learning, must spend! Please remember: those who refuse to learn have no future! The money to invest in their minds, is the safest financial management, where will not be hungry belly.

life predicament, is your past homework unfinished, must through self exploration and self learning ability, breakthrough and leap. Smart people know how to learn through the experience of others for reference, avoid to repeat yourself go astray. Therefore, my view is that the money must be willing to spend money, even if it is worthwhile to borrow money to invest in themselves, because it will have a window so that you can earn money.

so, if you are facing the problem of life, we must remember that, to cultivate ourselves is never too late. Start at any time! Many people will say no money, there will be such that people must have spent a lot of money. In fact, if want to change the heart, even a little bit of tuition are no action, so people in the face of the real difficulties, will be able to go beyond? You know, the real difficulty is greater than a thousand times, a small place can not overcome, how can life flip success?

learning costs visible, is also limited, but spent at a community college tuition may let us go bankrupt, and even lead to the danger of life. So, as to learn, it is better to give the tuition to the wisdom of the people to guide us, rather than throwing money in the high tuition of the social university. You must understand this truth.

[second money: the money must be spent on filial piety! [


filial father and mother must give money. Maybe some people will think when they even food and clothing are not enough, but also in debt, there is no way to give parents regular pocket money; some people would say home and not money, parents say enough of their own, do not take the money home!

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