Spicy spicy dish to join

is to take food in Sichuan and Chongqing area unique delicacy project, because people are eating habits, food and beverage industry in all walks of life to survive, and take food is in constant innovation, now has become a hot Hot pot, after a new round of strong Chongqing catering and swept up, take food is called a " Hot pot, " and Hot pot called " a group of people to take food ".

spicy spicy duo take food, a pot of spicy and delicious soup, put the dishes installed with a bamboo spoon cooked in the pot, add love dressing, light aroma and appetising smell.

spicy spicy duo take food based on a large amount of social investigation, combines the advantages of the north and south to take food, Sichuan, Hot pot into dry pot, seasoning technology developed, spicy but not dry, light incense, Ma pan Tang sehong bright, light taste, aroma and take food


spicy spicy spicy vegetables run north and south, the choice of taste soup pot, red pot of points, the red pot flavor and spicy and non spicy. The use of authentic cooking skills, pan collocation of different sauces, can be delicious, spicy flavors, wide selection of authentic take food for everyone.

spicy spicy dish soup pot bottom, he can also rinse to eat, enjoy different delicious. You can choose the traditional form, cook food immediately after making dishes; you can also choose to eat their own, enjoy the delicious you want.

spicy spicy take food to the duo have a unique style taste and affordable price, won the audience favorite, the price is low, spicy and delicious, both craving and rice, the birthright of civilian popularity, money scene is so impressive!

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