How to set up a stall set point

all the people in the era of business, the threshold is gradually reduced, buy a stall can be successful in doing business. Stall also has a lot of skills, many businesses are not aware of, if you want to learn more then Xiaobian look together, hoping to help you succeed nuggets.

and several other points can be noted, first of all is the store door, the door must be large and broad, so will attract customers in the power of dining. The best position in the counter is the best place to set the money in the shop, although there are some people do not believe that the concept of Feng Shui, but at least the counters look neat and tidy. The kitchen is clean and simple, smooth lines. Finally, the toilet, more and more people will pay attention to the store in the toilet, we must always pay attention to its cleanliness, so that the toilet guests have a good impression.

The above tips

baidenan analysis very clearly, if you want to do small business but also need to prepare to be able to successfully attract. Consider a number of operating factors, comprehensive market factors, the most appropriate way to choose their own business is the most important, you learn it?

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