Wage earners to riches

from the poor and blank to millionaire, from a worker to a wealthy, how the story between what experienced how sad? Today, let us walk into Zheng Daqing’s life, into his story!

1985 in March, when Zheng Daqing was 26 years old from friends and relatives to borrow the money to set foot on the train to Urumqi, began his magical journey of entrepreneurship. In the door to go out of the Urumchi Railway Station, Zheng Daqing’s home is only 1 yuan and a total of $2 in the army used the old quilt.

1987 in March, Zheng Daqing finally ushered in his "spring", he and Xinjiang glue factory signed 130 thousand yuan plant maintenance contract, in August of that year, Zheng Daqing completed the project on time and quality, and praised by others. By 1989, Zheng Daqing business is getting better and better, step by step on the right track, assets over 700 thousand!

1989 in the second half of the year, Zheng Daqing made a surprising decision: to enter the field of circulation and production areas. He first spent 200 thousand yuan in the Central District of Urumqi City rented a large basement, decorated shopping malls leased to others, the annual net profit of 50 thousand yuan, he also opened two suburbs of Urumqi coal mine. In the first 2 years, coal mines and shopping malls have brought a lot of money to Zheng Daqing, but with the passage of time, lack of experience, decision making mistakes, etc..

1998 years, Zheng Daqing also decided to invest money into the money movement: invest 200 million yuan to build a square of the east of the 100 commercial buildings". Subsequently, Zheng Daqing’s career into the rapid development of the channel: hotels, agriculture, telecommunications, production and processing in 2001 and entered the real estate industry. Zheng Daqing currently has 2 billion of assets, debt ratio is only about $8%…… Xinjiang media in the recently held 2003 Xinjiang’s most growing companies in the comments pointed out that Xinjiang Tiandi Group Co., Ltd. in just three years, the assets turned over the times of 1000".


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