The best choice for small farmers in this field

is now the era of many people, no matter what your identity, age, gender, as long as you want to start a business, the capital can do it yourself, you can do it. Because the number of ordinary people in the growing number of entrepreneurs, small projects of entrepreneurial projects by the majority of entrepreneurs are welcome, after all, small business venture is low. What kind of join the project for small investors do poineering work? Firewood chicken is the best choice for small cost investment.


farm Turkey is an external form, which is in line with the needs of modern people and is attractive. Young people now, almost never seen firewood cooking, or eaten boiled firewood chicken, it is a fresh chicken with wood; firewood as fuel, eat around the edge of the pot, while playing chicken, whole grains concept, this form will be in accordance with the requirements of part of a nostalgia crowd, also can catch a part of the pursuit of the ecological health of diners eating. Boiled chicken with firewood, gas cooking more fragrant; the cooking process is transparent, more comfortable; like back to childhood, all people around the stove, see mother cooking feeling.

why is it so popular that firewood chicken meets all the needs of nutrition, delicacy, convenience and fast?. Chai Turkey is the representative of fashion fast food, but also the characteristics of the food market trends and fashion pioneer.

chicken meat firewood pan bright color is unable to hide greeds, entrance sweet mellow, lead a person to endless aftertastes. Firewood chicken is a hot food to join the industry, firewood chicken joined the project alone collar hot business opportunities, considerable profits.

can be said that the flavor of Turkey Turkey is not afraid of positive competition with peers. The quality of the Chinese Turkey Turkey is very famous in the industry, from the raw material selection of chicken, are not copied by other brands. Of course, the franchisee in the choice of our taste of China, these materials and techniques are to teach you. This is also one of the benefits of the Chinese franchisee to provide benefits, you do not need to master firewood Turkey technology, as long as you join us after the taste of China, a small amount of training can be

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