Fast food stores to join the site analysis of the 4

we know that we need to start a shop to learn a lot of a lot of learning a lot, to open a fast food store location is critical, let us know the following, fast food shops to join the site of the 4 lots of analysis.

fast-food restaurant location in what place? The most suitable for fast food shop has more than one position: Commercial Street, street, the cell door, office buildings, factories, etc. these places on campus in the vicinity, opened a snack shop what are the advantages and disadvantages of this analysis to analysis for your


fast-food restaurant location analysis — commercial street

advantage: the flow of people, consumer focus groups.

disadvantage: the rent is high, large investment.

fast-food restaurant location — Analysis of street

advantages: easy publicity, traffic can be very easy to see the store, a certain degree of traffic.

disadvantages: high rent, passenger flow instability.

recommended: 60-100 square meters is appropriate, should not be too large.

fast-food restaurant location: analysis of

cell door

disadvantages: not conducive to further expand development.

investment in a small book, the cell door store is the most appropriate, the risk is small, stable returns.

fast-food restaurant location — Analysis of district offices, factories, campus near

advantage: the steady flow, the consumer focus.

inferior type: Holiday gap

such place of investment can be small, the rent is moderate, can quickly return.

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