German designers to carry out innovative investment in Hefei

China’s increasingly optimized investment environment, not only gave birth to many domestic entrepreneurs have the sea, but also attracted a lot of foreign presence. The presence of foreign capital to allow Chinese entrepreneurs have the opportunity to communicate with foreign investment entrepreneurs.

in October 22nd "national double week" Hefei venue in Shushan District, the first batch of 11 companies signed "Chinese (Hefei) industrial design city", including the Kaiser enterprise. He set up a clothing design and sales company in Beijing, specializing in high-end market. Now, he will set up his first industrial design in China, engaged in industrial design, research and development of electric vehicles, motorcycles and other related products, and as a base to expand the relevant business. This is the first big name foreign entrepreneurs settled in Hefei District, Shushan.

in Germany, Kaiser has a special liking for the China culture, also married a wife Chinese. 20 years ago, he began to try to learn Chinese, but at that time, a lot of German friends do not understand, I heard that my first trip to China, they are very worried about." Kaiser said, "now their first reaction is, oh, you’re in China, that’s great."


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