At the beginning of the year to find a job full network to introduce you to what the most profitable

just after the new year, many people are beginning to go to work one after another, but for some people just entering the community, or want to quit looking for better development opportunities of friends, facing the increasingly fierce competition of society, what kind of occupation the most money, now please follow the whole network Xiaobian together see.


two, HR

in foreign countries, not only administrative manager, personnel manager, special management, administration, personnel arrangements, staff training assessment, the establishment of the company’s personnel system, distribution system of the interests and rights of self is over one million people under. With the domestic reform and economic development, human resources development and management has been paid more and more attention, a modern enterprise, the most important thing is not the capital adequacy, but is not a group of knowledge and ability and the enterprise and employees, and women’s unique affinity and appeal so that they are more competent personnel the manager’s job.

three, media

now called the media era, any wave can overnight spread throughout every corner of the world, and the media are red and purple reds, soaring from CCTV’s "grand arts" of Ni Ping, to the Hunan TV "happy camp" is one of the pillars of Li Xiang, from the film down to the first lady Liu Xiaoqing penned the TV. To the original potency in the media but later drive media Yang Lan, women in the media is always a beautiful beautiful scenery line, their natural income is generally not to earn dozens of life.

four, foreign white-collar workers

This kind of figures is

once Wu Shihong, she served as general manager of Microsoft in China area >

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