What kind of intelligent lock best tex lock intelligent lock how net

with the continuous improvement of our living standards, we continue to enhance the demand for security. Tex-lock smart lock? Brand lock, join the choice more assured. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the tex-lock intelligent lock is a very wise choice!

bike is a great means of transportation, riding can not only exercise, but also very environmentally friendly, do not have to bear the traffic jams, so very popular around the world. However, when the store was stolen how to do? How to do without the lock


if you have this trouble, you can look at this tex – lock, which uses a special high-tech fabrics and multi-layer structure to replace the traditional cable, to enhance the safety of the lock bar.

is also a scissors clamp, cut a few minutes, even if the outer cover is broken, still can not cut the internal fiber. In addition, even in the cold winter to tex – lock water, after the formation of ice can not be cut, the characteristics of this high-tech fiber is the higher the cold cutting resistance. Of course, this material also has the characteristics of fire resistance, impact resistance.

in addition, the new fiber fabric to tex – lock lighter, easier to bend, the weight of each meter is only 350, so it is easy to carry, no burden on the clothes pocket. At the same time, more flexible texture, will not scratch the car body.

as part of the lock is a separate configuration, you can choose 10mm and 12mm two styles, you can choose according to the needs.

in fact, we all know that the creative brand, always very attractive to consumers. Tex-lock smart lock? Not only to meet the needs of consumers for intelligent locks, while the tex-lock smart lock to join the project, or the best choice for entrepreneurship!

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