7 challenges and opportunities for the survival of start up companies

now, many people choose to start a successful entrepreneur has a set of models. Entrepreneurial companies are the hope of the future, I have always believed that those who are committed to the study of the existing business model entrepreneurs, will be in the future through the efforts of income. This means that before you start your business, you need to identify and take advantage of the current situation, which is making many big companies unsustainable.

1. disruptive innovation. When a new product, service, or business model makes the old method of doing business seem out of date, that means disruptive innovation is taking place. In the past, disruptive innovation has happened only a few times a century, but now, in almost every business plan I’ve read, I have stressed disruptive innovation. This means. If your startup doesn’t start planning how to innovate, your company may never get its rightful place.

2.  economic instability. Current financial uncertainty threatens all countries, industries and individuals. In our highly interconnected world, many countries connected with each other, so the manufacturing industry in the transfer to emerging countries, the financial crisis has spread to a small country, and affected the apple and Nike’s most innovative company. However, this instability also provides opportunities for development.

3.  social unrest. Poverty, pollution, unemployment, limited education and lack of health care have created the greatest opportunity for today’s social entrepreneurs. The best start-up companies also see these as brand awareness and viral marketing opportunities, and this is also beneficial to the people, and improve the income of the relevant people, etc..

4.  role change of corporate stakeholders. Over the years, as the sole power of stakeholders, listed companies are too concerned about board members and shareholders, which led to a lot of unintended consequences. Today, the role of the enterprise has changed: customers and employees are each enterprise >

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