2015 venture capital industry involved in the following will lose

venture capital for the purpose of a friend, the choice of the industry is the first step, but also the most important one. So, in 2015, what are the most dangerous for entrepreneurs? To figure out this problem, we must first look at the 2015 investment market features.

Second, 2015 is the key year of mobile Internet to reshape the traditional industries, many industries will be undermined. At the same time, 2015 is the turning point of the growth of the Internet in China Mobile, the end of the high-speed growth period, the era of deep plowing market.

Third, 2015 is Chinese real estate and manufacturing more difficult year. However, I would like to tell the friends of the two industries in a word: this year, although not last year, but will be stronger than next year. So, do it and cherish it.

Fourth, 2015 is the first year of China capital market "registration system". If the registration system of the stock market will launch genuine goods at a fair price, the collapse in the second half of the year, but the small and medium-sized enterprises will usher in the spring; if the registration system is the "China characteristics", while the market still has the opportunity to continue in the whole, bubble bath, carnival, small and medium-sized enterprises is still far away from the spring. I guess the latter is more likely.

1, the collapse of small and medium housing prices will rise, after the baptism of the next 3 to 5 years, China’s real estate companies will disappear in the 80%, a large number of senior managers will face a career change, the entire industry revenue will decline. Construction enterprises will also be reduced, the construction industry also faces excess.

2, the collapse of the manufacturing sector will become increasingly fierce, although the RMB will moderate devaluation, but it can only save the ability to innovate, you can transition to high-end industrial chain enterprises. A large number of "three" enterprises, the day will be more sad.

3, the real estate industry is not good, around the house are overcapacity, such as cement, iron and steel (including steelmaking coal), glass, building materials, furniture and so on, these industries in the small and medium-sized enterprises, continue to face the brutal elimination of war. With these industries related to trade (such as steel trade, coal trade) enterprises, supermarkets and other enterprises, will also struggle in pain.

4, Internet banking, the traditional financial companies will be very difficult, right? In fact, not necessarily, at least not necessarily in 2015. Traditional financial companies, including banks, trusts and the like, is a moat protection, the license is their amulet, to prevent financial risks can also become a talisman. 2015 is the most dangerous, but the Internet itself. Move on

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