9 of the most practical chain store location recommendations

chain restaurant is a more popular food and beverage investment projects, not only to join a variety of channels, the choice of a lot of investment brands. In addition to choose to join the brand, the most important thing is to choose a good location. Today Xiaobian teach you the most practical 9 store location recommendations.

The main business center

1, commercial center of each city and commercial pedestrian street, huge traffic, is to choose the best location to open stores, according to our experience, this shop sales area is very hot, but the rent price is quite expensive, if you allow the economic strength of the case, we it is recommended that you choose.

2, commercial whirlpool – if personal conditions are not suitable for shopping centers in the mall to choose the facade, then we recommend the street in the vicinity of the business center to choose. Usually this kind of area is the place where the passenger flow enters the commercial center, and the rent of the pavement is better than that of the commercial center.

3, University, secondary school, high school, junior high school campus is the ideal area to set up a western restaurant chain. In the choice of address, as far as possible in the student canteen, living area, dormitory area or school entrance.

4, the office lot of passenger flow is also more concentrated, but also can be assisted by external sales. Tourism scenic areas or tourist areas import and export sections.

5, the chain stores in the famous chain next to. Strong and commercial buildings, hotels, supermarkets, pharmacies, 24 hours coffee shops, teahouses, bars, schools, banks, post offices, laundry, print shops, community service centers, community cultural and sports center set off the brand stores and the public is adjacent, can refer to.

6, to choose the side of the side of the street or obstacles. In many cases, pedestrians in order to cross the road, and thus concentrate on the vehicle or other traffic to avoid pedestrians, while ignoring the side of the chain store.

7, located in the commercial center of the street. The East-West north-south Street South Street best: best sit east of the west, as far as possible in the northwest corner of the crossroads. In addition, the trigeminal junction is a good place; in the slope of the road is not desirable; road and shop floor height can not be too wide.

8, to choose the advertising space store. Some stores do not have an independent facade, the front of the store will naturally lose the independent advertising space, but also makes you lose in front of the store to play marketing wisdom space. All chain stores have a very beautiful appearance.

9, select the location of cold heat. Its choice is now optimistic about the location of the store business operators, it is better to choose not far from the future by the cold heat, is not optimistic about the streets or urban areas.

the correct store location will make the future of the restaurant chain management easier, improve turnover. I believe we have mastered the above 9 recommendations, will be able to choose a suitable western restaurant chain recommended

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