Do you know what you need to do

remember before a friend said at the time to chat with me: "I am now the company does not have a sound system, training mechanism, promotion mechanism, salary system is not open, and almost is a person to do that all things, no division of labor idea, why should understand some, but what no specialization, really annoying, but what is your boss say, right or wrong is a lottery, maybe this is the problem of small companies. The next time I want to change to a bigger company."

3-50 small companies have products or services are usually single, too wide business scope will not add, most exquisite service single market customers, is still in the growth stage, the organization is relatively flat, almost too much to charge, you can directly see the boss about all the business, so will interfere your work is a necessity, not many companies, a lot of things is the boss, in the establishment of the system of relatively urgent degree is not so heavy, the day may have a live, no one wants to establish too complex system, because the establishment is also not necessarily people can manage.


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