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stall selling things, which has become a lot of people in the current channel to make money. However, the spread of a lot of stalls, the industry will naturally fierce competition, want to do a good job of the business, naturally also need to grasp some of the big business skills. In short, the stall, the starting point is low, many entrepreneurs are the only choice to start their own businesses. So, put stall, how to sell to make money?

stall how to sell to make money? First sell what!

stall selling low-priced products for general, such as electronic products (similar to mobile phone charger, audio, battery etc.), such as cosmetics (some non brand name, according to the general income (female), jewelry price between 1 yuan -20 yuan), clothes (usually with the price of 20 yuan -50 yuan so, some small pieces of clothes can choose 20 yuan), footwear (shoes price of not more than 80 yuan is better), gifts crafts (as a family or interior decoration, the best luminous effect is better)…… Of course, the best in their own interest or understanding of the product is preferred, but remember to sell products to "low-cost, go" as a fundamental, if you sell the computer in the night market, estimated that a few months are difficult to sell a.

stall how to sell to make money? Who to sell!

vendors in the general merchandise to the local community residents, female friends, students and out of play lovers, shopping for the elderly or children. Therefore, in response to these customers, you can also choose the right products, such as the local night market is mainly more children, it will sell more children’s toys, stationery, etc., sales must be good.

stall how to sell to make money? Third where to sell!

stall sales should be the first person to traffic standards, but this is not the only standard. Because of the large flow of people but not suitable for their own sales of products, it is useless.

removal of the flow of people to consider the safety of the main urban management, or whether to do the local street, this should be based on the actual situation. All in all, you can choose the place is: night market, flyover, community, large shopping malls, schools and other places near.

stall how to sell to make money? Fourth when to sell!

some people will say good night to sell stall of course, but this is not necessarily , the day can also be Chutan, such as in the footbridge especially near the school to spread the entrepreneurs, the flow of people during the day than at night more. When to sell mainly to decide according to their own time, if you want to work during the day, it is reasonable to arrange for the evening at 8-10 for a few hours, if you sell products for students, it can only be the day according to the student’s time to rest.

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