Coffee coffee

to join the election project will be able to give you the ability to choose the ability to support the project, only to ensure the stability of your market position, is the prerequisite for your future success. Coffee in the coffee industry can give you what you want.

coffee brown field support:


1, guidance to assist franchisees for on-the-spot investigation to find a location, a detailed investigation on the surrounding buildings, shopping, consumer groups, traffic conditions, city planning, site orientation, competitors, evaluate the possibility of shop.

2, store diagnosis: through the establishment of franchisee files on a regular basis for a return visit to the store, timely and effective diagnosis of the store problems and issue a solution.

3, product support: headquarters continues to develop new products with competitive price.

4, technical support: Alliance International Beverage R & D center, not to provide face-to-face or correspondence and other forms of technical upgrades and new technology training.

5, logistics and distribution: efficient and fast, covering the national logistics network, for you to lift worries. Combined with the domestic large-scale logistics and distribution companies, to join the business to provide a strong logistics support. In the shortest possible time, accurate, safe, fast equipment, equipment, products, raw materials, such as the national service.

brown coffee join conditions:

1, have a strong interest in entrepreneurship; have a certain degree of financial capacity; have a strong sense of professionalism, sense of responsibility and the desire to succeed;

2, with independent civil capacity; with a certain degree of cultural literacy; business ethics, professionalism and strong sense of service;

3, approved the "Brown domain coffee" brand culture, the recognition of "coffee coffee" business philosophy and management model, including: brand, brand, logo, management, image services, etc.;

4, to maintain the "brown coffee" brand reputation, to ensure that the "brown coffee" trademark infringement;

5, with legal procedures and appropriate business premises;

6, with a sincere attitude of cooperation, to accept the "brown coffee" join the unified management system

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