A good project to add color to people’s lives

years ago, when our family had the first phone, on the phone before the blare of the hands of how many emotions, with the changing times, beep sound did not change, but more and more people feel monotonous and boring, so it customized ringing tone appears in people’s life!

customized ringing tone is personalized and colorful ring back tone service "(Coloring  Ring  Back  Tone) for short, it is a customer called for other customers call his mobile phone calling set special sound (music, songs, stories and characters of words) ring back tone service.


current design industry or customized ringing tone part-time, but from the second half of last year, the communications company website has begun mass recruitment of full-time designer customized ringing tone. As more and more people use CRBT service, there is a music talent youth may wish to open a color ring design studio.


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