Chinese hawkers selling small accessories in Dubai lucrative

for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs need to find a good market, is the first to find a good market demand, in fact now is whether in the home or in some foreign markets, there are many social opportunities.

has been outside the impression of Dubai is a typical "tall" nouveau riche Emirates, here life is either the wealthy, or is the nouveau riche talented senior white-collar workers, but when you set foot on this land, you will find that this is a full of vigour, atypical "full of opportunities in emerging markets, for all walks of life here, entrepreneurship.

start empty-handed

"came to Dubai, I just do the waiter in the hotel. I am responsible for the pool field at that time, the main task is to send water to guests tea and rest in the pool, 2500 dirhams per month (about 4000 yuan) basic salary, plus tips and the hotel’s welfare subsidies, month income in 5000 dirhams, hotel Baochibaozhu, and this is the basic public health. Not what extra spending, despite a very comfortable life, health services, but compared to the domestic white-collar students have much more comfortable." Mr. Wu told reporters.

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