Braised chicken rice new food chain hot spots

as Lanzhou ramen, Shaxian County snacks in general, Huang braised chicken rice in China’s food and beverage market occupies an important market, has become a popular choice of food and beverage chain. Why from the beginning of the hot up to now has passed four or five years, businesses are still willing to choose to enter the industry, to join the brand?

1, low cost

for all enterprises, cost control is a must. Low cost, high yield, this is the way to make money. Braised chicken Steamed Rice cost is very low, Steamed Rice, chicken, green pepper, ginger, letinous edodes can buy in the market, a large number of the purchase price will be lower; is the key to the taste of the sauce, if it is to join the shop can be purchased from the store, if you are doing their shops can also choose to buy in the network of course, if you are sick, their deployment is greatly compressed on the cost. In addition, unlike some brands or products need to spend money on advertising, yellow braised chicken rice is the sign of their own advertising, which gives businesses a chance to save costs.

2, high profit

3, enter the threshold low

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