Chinese fast food stores decoration should pay attention to what the

a shop renovation work done or not, but the latter has a direct impact on the operation of the store. So, if you want to open a hot shop, you need to put more energy into the shop decoration. So, for Chinese fast food franchise, the decoration must pay attention to!

a hot business of Chinese fast food restaurants can be seen from the decoration of customers, but also to attract more consumers to come to spend. So in the decoration of the need to pay attention to where the small series today to give you an analysis, to give you some suggestions when the decoration.

Chinese fast food franchise stores need to pay attention to the place:

1, attract eyeball. The overall decoration of the store and the use of color to be prominent in the surrounding shops, to attract the eye, it is best to have a prominent effect.

2, Chinese fast food franchise stores in accordance with the situation of local consumer groups to arrange tables and chairs, lovers more places more than two tables and chairs, students are more than a hundred people table and chair.

3, store layout to facilitate walking, while cleaning the garbage to be convenient, the toilet to do occlusion.

4, Chinese fast food franchise stores in the color and decoration to be able to arouse the appetite of customers, do not use a number of depressing color to suppress the appetite of consumers.

5, with the appropriate light contrast your products, such as the use of warm light to illuminate dishes and so on, cool light used to illuminate drinks, but not too much cold light should be used.

6, Chinese fast food shop in the overall decoration to try to have a casual, comfortable feeling.

said that the decoration of a shop does not need much luxury, however, since the decoration, the natural hope that customers can have a certain appeal. Of course, we should pay attention to the local nature also need to pay attention to, this is the hot shop business protection. So, if you are ready to run a Chinese fast food franchise stores, the above considerations will pay attention to decoration you?

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