Dry fire situation is grim

since February 18th, there is no obvious precipitation weather process in Xining, around the temperature picked up, blowing up the weather, so that the air dry, the fire situation is not optimistic.

according to statistics, from February 18th to March 14th, the precipitation of Xining city and three counties less, Huangyuan cumulative rainfall of 0 mm, Xining City, Huangzhong cumulative rainfall was 0.5 mm and 2.4 mm, Datong cumulative rainfall of 0.1 mm; in March 10th, Xining City, the highest temperature rise to 15.8 degrees Celsius, Datong Huangyuan, Huangzhong daily maximum temperature at 10 degrees celsius. Because of the continued for several days without obvious precipitation, drier weather continued, droughts, resulting in forest and grassland fire weather rating increased since March 4th, forest and grassland fire danger meteorological grade of Xining city and three counties continued high fire danger rating.

according to the latest forecast of the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, from March 15th to 20: Xining city and three counties sunny or cloudy. 21 to 22: Xining city and the county has a snow weather process three. Weather experts pointed out: March is the annual average wind speed, maximum wind days up to the month, scarce rainfall, the temperature rises fast, temperature and strong winds increased soil water evaporation, is the high incidence of forest and grassland fires. With the coming of the spring equinox solar term, people grave worship activities increased significantly. The meteorological department reminds, people in the field of fire must promptly cut off the fire, eliminate fire hazards, prevent fire, the relevant departments to strengthen inspections, increase the fire prevention efforts, strict management of forest and grassland Yewaiyonghuo, to ensure safety.


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