As a farmer how do we start a business

with the narrowing of the gap between urban and rural areas, the living standards of the people in the villages and towns are constantly improving. Many farmers have a good day at the same time do not forget to start business, want to make their lives better and better. So as a farmer, how should we start our hometown?

A, rural Internet cafes. With the rapid development of information industry, many farmers have begun to use the Internet to sell their products, so that customers gathered at. Open the Internet, can regularly publish information on supply, price, industry and other aspects of farmers, can greatly promote the rapid flow of agricultural products. Today, surfing the Internet is not a few people, online learning, entertainment, search for information has become an important part of the cultural life of farmers. Therefore, the rural Internet cafes, the prospects are very promising.

three, furniture swap. Many people in the city sell old furniture that looks good, sell it at a low price, and buy new furniture. These old furniture, in some villages are very fashionable, very popular, investors may wish to buy the old furniture in the city to those places to sell, the business will be very prosperous.

four, mobile repair. Now the rural VCD, TV, washing machine, refrigerator, all have a certain amount of farm machinery. But if these things are bad, often have to run a long way to the repair department to repair, for farmers friends, it is not convenient. If you do a mobile repair department, open a small cargo dual-use vehicles, with a number of maintenance tools and parts on-site service will be greatly welcomed.

five, send fertilizer tian. Now, is vigorously promoting ecological pollution-free cultivation, a large number of people in the city were sent to rural field, will become very popular with farmers. Operators can not only get a considerable amount of labor costs in the farmers who need to be fat, but also in some units or users in the city to get a clean-up fee.

six, "green table" distribution center. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the health of the food, the food, vegetables, meat and other green, pollution-free requirements, the establishment of a green table distribution center must be popular. The center can be divided into the Ministry of rural and city, rural department is responsible for planting, breeding, cleaning, packaging and green pollution-free vegetables, poultry and livestock; City Department is responsible for receiving orders, delivery, and to provide for the needs of the family cooking, washing dishes and other services.

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