How to open a chain bookstore Management skills

book is the students in the learning process must have tools, with them, they will have more knowledge, more profound understanding of the society. You know, the book in the market demand is very large, for entrepreneurs, to open a chain of bookstores is their common idea, the most headache is that they do not know how to operate. So, how to open a chain bookstore? In this regard, Xiao Bian made a summary, look at the next bar!

bookstore management skills: books

books should be arranged placement, easy management and easy way customers looking for. It is also important to classify books and settings. If the customer wants to find the book he wants to see, it will naturally fall.

of new and old books are placed between place, restricted and placement is distinguished place, and the end is not the end of the placement is a distinguished place, hot sell book whether there is a place to distinguish.

bookstore management skills: into the book

due to the comic book and cartoon characters and addictive, constantly, the comic book book species reached more than five thousand, the other romance is not in the minority, and the rent bookstore is the use of comic book form buyout. How to screen into book test operator skill, the owner need to use computer data analysis of customer needs, to carefully observe and understand the customer, can bring greater value in use for the purchase of books.

bookstore management skills: store equipment should pay attention to

the borrowing requirement is reasonable and accord with the market, and the provisions of whether the loan is simple and easy to understand, and there is no obvious in such can avoid unnecessary disputes with customers. Must pay attention to the overall lighting equipment is bright enough to comfort, whether in reading may be interfered by moving away from the seat, reading space is comfortable enough, store design is enough to attract passers-by eyes, air flow and air conditioning situation is good, will enable the customer to store a long time.

bookstore management skills: books borrowing situation should pay attention to

must be left to borrow books to borrow if there is easy situation for too long and not less books, books and business items for each monthly operating income ratio to all kinds of books to the growth ratio, must leave the easy books are lost or damaged if required to immediately fill.

bookstore management skills: Hospitality note

initiative to guests chatted, smiling, giving guests warm impression, reduce the customer to enter a new environment to have the sense of anxiety, and customer recommendation

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