n the past 20 years Xining public telephone halved

With the popularity of mobile communication tools,

is fading out of the life of urban people. In this regard, the reporter interviewed the relevant China Telecom, Xining branch, they said, with the development of communication, public telephone has become fashionable for a time, usage amount is indeed reduced, nearly 20 years, the public telephone number was halved.

at the end of the last century, the public telephone was brilliant. However, when a lot of people have a mobile phone, the use of public telephone has dropped sharply, the phone has been removed a lot. In the provincial capital, for example, at present, the provincial capital of a total of more than 10 thousand public phones, but the overall operating situation is not satisfactory, some public phones and even a few months nobody cares. China Telecom Xining branch access maintenance center director Li Dongxiong said, the public telephone heady, public telephone bill monthly turnover in three million yuan per month, now only a few million yuan.

access maintenance center public class monitor Cai Shihai memories, around 1996, the provincial capital of the IC card public telephones thousands of people on duty of the public have tens of thousands of these phones, which greatly facilitates the public. With the popularity of mobile communication tools such as mobile phones, coupled with the need for vandalism and municipal roads, the number of public phones significantly reduced, but the company is still responsible for the maintenance of personnel. The team will receive a phone call almost every day. Although there are a few months of public telephone calls income, in fact, simply not enough maintenance costs, but in order to ensure the normal use, the company will send full-time staff to maintain and clean." Cai Shihai said.

is there anyone who uses the public telephone as the primary means of communication? Li Dongxiong said, with a mobile phone than the IC card telephone tariff cheaper, long city is 0.1 yuan per minute, so if the stable groups still exist. "110 and other emergency service call, is the number of public telephone call more. Because the public telephone call this kind of emergency number is free, pick up the microphone can be directly dialed, so to some extent, became the people’s lives." Cai Shihai said.

reporter learned that, with the development of communication technology, many equipment manufacturers transition failures, manufacturers have ceased production of spare parts, these reasons also led to some public forced to dismantle. After the failure of some phones, to repair the telecommunications company will try to repair, can not be repaired, the staff will be able to use the spare parts removed, replaced by other phones. (author: Yao Lan)

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