Creative city volunteer training 2 the concept value and significance of voluntary service

"Volunteers" is a name without borders. It refers to people who provide services and contribute to the improvement of the society without any material reward. The more common view in the west is that volunteers are "outside of the profession," the efforts of people who are not driven by private interests or enforced by law.

Volunteers Association to "volunteer" is defined as: not for material reward, based on conscience, faith and responsibility, volunteer for the community and others to provide services and help.

in Hongkong, volunteers are called "volunteers", volunteer action called voluntary work. In Taiwan, volunteers are called volunteers". The Hongkong voluntary work development council defines "volunteers" as "volunteers" who, in the absence of any material reward, provide services to improve society and contribute to their personal time and spirit. At the same time, the obligation is defined as: "any person who is willing to contribute his time and spirit to serve the society in the absence of any material reward."

"youth volunteer service regulations" article second provides: voluntary service is voluntary, free service to others and social behavior. Youth volunteers are young people who are eager to participate in voluntary service activities.

, broadly speaking, refers to any volunteer volunteers to contribute their time, energy, money and spirit, without seeking any material reward, engaged in social welfare and social services, to improve the society and promoting social progress and people providing services. (the broad concept of volunteers)

voluntary work refers to any person who is willing to contribute his time and energy to provide services to improve social services and promote social progress without any material reward. Voluntary work has four characteristics: voluntary, free, public welfare and organization.

some people believe that one-sided volunteer work is benevolent, happy in doing good performance, the volunteer work as a kind of unilateral giving; voluntary work only in order to reduce the burden of work full-time staff, the volunteers as "cheap labor"; that only those who worry about food and clothing and have lots of free time. To be eligible to participate in volunteer work or not. In fact, everyone has the right to participate in social affairs and the ability to promote social progress. Participating in voluntary work is a positive and effective form to express this "right" and "duty". In the service of others, and society at the same time, its improved, perfection and development of spirit and soul are met, therefore, to participate in volunteer work is "helpful", is also a "self-help", is "happy", "music has also". Participate in volunteer work, not only in helping others, serving the community, but also in the transmission of love and dissemination of civilization. The characteristics of voluntary service personalization, humanization, can effectively pull between the neighbor and the human mind distance, reducing the sense of alienation, to alleviate social contradictions, promote social;

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