Ji Shi Zhen Jishi Gorge Reservoir Protection Engineering Construction

The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Jishi Gorge Reservoir stone town before the product protection project officially started construction, marking the Jishixia Hydropower Station Reservoir Resettlement, land acquisition and demolition work has made substantial progress.

of Jishixia Hydropower Station is located in the valley exit section of Xunhua county at the junction of the Yellow River and Minhe County, Longyangxia Qingtongxia Hydropower Development Planning in the fifth large cascade hydropower station. Ji Shi Zhen Jishi Gorge Reservoir Resettlement protection engineering is the single project, the project is located in Xunhua County town of the Yellow River village on the right bank of the plot to join the beach village. The total investment of the project is 25 million 330 thousand yuan, divided into flood control, flood prevention, drainage, irrigation, the construction of 4 units. The project will be built from 2988 meters, pad 133.18 acres, masonry drains 1156 meters, 187 meters drainage, irrigation canal 1063 meters, 497 meters of road construction field. After the completion of the 373.5 acres of land can be protected, reducing the population of production and resettlement of 824 people, including the removal of the relocation of the population of 298 people. (author: Xiao Yan Zeng min)


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